NLSMusic is the recording studio for pre / post audio and music productions, voice-overs, commercials and podcasts of producer, songwriter and mix engineer Niels Verhoek. Based on the historical Zwitsal Area in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. We record with Avalon, SSL, Focusrite & Warm Audio pre-amps, Gonzo Audio microphones, and a nice combination of great outboard and the latest software tools.


Niels Verhoek is an experienced engineer who uses the best equipment to ensure that you can your best performance. We have a wide selection of top class hand build tube microphones and the studio is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. A fully hybrid studio for the most diverse projects.


We guide you as an artist to maximize your creativity. Not only do we plan the recording process, we support you to keep an eye on your vision and record the desired sound. As skilled producers and engineers, who are also musicians themselves, we understand  how important it is to optimally shape your musical identity. We can advise you on performance, arrangements, recording techniques, editing and mixing.


A good mix of your track is very  personal. At NLS Music we have a balanced monitoring setup and great acoustics. Our mix engineer not only has the technical skills, but also all the musical knowledge to create the sound you want, down to the smallest details. We have a wide choice of analog gear and high quality plug-ins to give the necessary color and depth to mixes. 

Global Dance Chart Radio 538


For years we provide professional audio for companies such as TALPA RADIO & TV, Global Dance Chart (Radio 538), Violent Music, Alpro, NPO and many other clients. We have a large database with Voiceovers, and Niels Verhoek is a very experienced voice director.
Sound logos, leaders etc. are made to measure.